We had a nice trip to Qatar’s purple island on Friday. The journey was about 1 hour 20 minutes from Doha. For all those who tired with the usual mall visits and crowded movie halls this will be a great natural treat. Its a great relief from Doha heat and crowded places. Purple island is one of the few natural beauties in Qatar. The route can be identified easily using google map by typing “purple island Doha”. All necessary items should be available in your car because there are no shops nearby after passed the al meera and woqod petrol station in main highway. About 500 mtr walk through hip level water to the island is a great treat for the real explorer. So we should carry one additional pair of dresses. Wearing slipper is a great idea to walk through the water and in island as well. Don’t forget to take the photos of marvelous mangroves and the crabs crawling under your feet. The nice corniche in island is a great relief to have a sea bath evening. The vast open area is a great place to enjoy the evening with family. dsc07501


The walk to the island starts from here.



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